Chapter 1: Growing Pains
Lucky. 23. White, American. Gambler, Drinker. Always seem's to have ace up his sleeve. Always dresses in fine, beaten up suits. Grew up outside of Atlantic City, With his father Dale, mother Marrie , and sister Maggy. Until the incident when was only 12. They lived on a farm a few miles out from the big city. There were plenty of casino's in the big city, but there were a few in-between. Which is were his father spent most of his spare time. Spending more money then he had to leisure with. 
    They've went for weeks with out water, electric, gas, & sometimes even food. Lucky's parents married young. They grew up together, as best friends since he was 7, and she was 6. They went to the same schools, the same college. Dale was a laid off construction worker, And his mother was a stay at home mom. It was much, but it was enough to finally afford to start a family. Things didn't get bad until the state legalized gambling, and after a few casual visits, his fathers addiction grew stronger, and stronger. A first so did his Marries, until she realized is was damaging the family. 
    Marrie tried helping Dale, but he was out of control. When the bills began to back up, the problem got worse. Dale had it made out in his head, that he would win big, and all of their financial worries would be over. There was a point he was so inside his theory, he stopped paying his bills all together. As the weeks went by and the utilities had begun to shut up, the stress starting to settle in. Dale had realized he had a problem he couldn't fix with 1800 numbers and booze. He started talking to himself,Marrie would write in her diary about the things she would hear him say. She kept her diary well hidden from Lucky's dad. She knew it would only make things worse if he knew, she had been taking notes on him. Lucky didn't really know what to think, torn between his moms depression,and his dads anger.
    Growing up Lucky was stuck in a world of his own, still young, and unbiased from the weathering of growing up and learning about the world. Luck was about to learn how dark the world could get. It had been a few days since anyone had eaten, and the last of what there was to drink was gone the night before. Dale had been in a mood all day, he was up all night in the basement talking to himself again. He had written all over the walls. By the time he came back upstairs the family was awake, and almost ready for the their day. Marrie was getting the kids ready for school, she had already been ready for work herself. She had been up all night as well listening to her husband, and taking notes.
     Dale had stopped talking, the house was silent. He advanced towards the stairs, walking up the creaking  stairs all the way up.When he got to the top of the creaking basement stairs, he stopped, looked around in a flat tone. Marrie could tell something was wrong , she tried to brighten the mood by greeting him" hey honey, were you up all night?" With out a word, Lucky's father walks right by them, to landing of the stairs to the 2nd floor of the house. It was quiet, until his heavy boots stomped up the up the stairs. Marrie told Lucky to finish getting him and his sister ready, and quickly went up the stairs.
     After they're mom left, they heard loud screaming at the top of the stairs. They were fighting about money. Marrie was arguing that he spent too much last time,and the kids have no money or food for school lunch. The screaming got louder and louder, then from the top of the stairs there seemed to be a swift choking sound, which was promptly followed by their mother's body falling down the stairs. The kids screamed, Lucky grabbed his sister and said the needed to hide. Lucky found a spot in the food closet which was empty and filled with dirty laundry. The kids could still hear their mom groaning. And then suddenly footsteps from the stairs could be heard, and Maggy yelled out for her mom, Lucky tried to hold his hand over her mouth. But his sister was ecstatic,she broke free from his grip. When Dale reached the bottom of the stairs he was met by Maggy, and crippled wife.Lucky could barley hear anything, but he could see fairly well. 
    The doors to the pantry had vents. He had a shotgun in his hands, and with out thought, shot his daughter, and wife right in front of Lucky. His father quickly gathered a few choice items, and knowingly of Lucky listing, aloud said, "Don't be like me Lucky......be worse".
    A neighbor hearing the commotion called the police. When they arrived, they found 2 dead bodies and a empty apartment. Dale, and Lucky were both gone. After investigating some of the family pictures, they realized the Husband, & son were gone The police assumed Dale had kidnapped Lucky, after murdering his wife, and daughter as a barging chip out of the death penalty. 

Chapter 2 : Meeting Ends

    Lucky 12 & alone, had no prospect for direction. Confused in a state of illusion, he wondered the few miles into the city. He made it to the edge of the downtown area. When he did he realized he'd been talking to himself the whole time. Mostly ranting out about how scared he was. He kept asking himself what he would do now. 
    He walked by a small dive bar. He thought it odd, when there was 2  brand new Mercedes park outside of it. The bar was clearly old and wore down. The brick wall had bricks missing, and cracks through some of the bricks that remained. The was a mosaic window you couldn't see through clearly. The only thing you could make out were the lights from inside of the bar, that was resistant through the windows. However, the door was open, and the light shined out, as a open invitation to any outsiders, & passer by's.
     Lucky walked up calmly up the the edge of the door, peeking inside. He saw a empty bar aside from one group of gentlemen dressed in suits. There was only 1 bartender serving them, with food and wine. Lucky stayed there staring, watching what the men were doing. Listening to what they were talking about. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. The men discussed criminal business. Women, weapons, drugs, cartels. 
    These men were obviously more dangerous then they were intelligent, aside from one of the men. He was a heavy set, finely dressed, calm and humorous individual. Anyone with one glance could tell he was the boss. There's no way a wild pack of wolves like them could run wild, with out a alpha. 
    Lucky was fascinated by the man. The way he talked, flawlessly, charismatically. They way he smoked his cherry vanilla cigars, and rolled his wine glass before taking a drinker. They way the man ate with class, a divine sense of everything around him. I had been almost a hour the boy had been spying from the edge of the bar door. He was sure he hadn't been scene, but thought about what would happen if he was. Maybe a part of him didn't care if he did get caught or not. 
    The leader of the man was talking business. Someone had been roughing up one of the earners wife's while she was at work. The earners name was Michael, he was a sicilian hit man, tall, slender build, dark hair and skin. His hair was in a long black ponytail, that extended to right about his broad shoulders. He spoke very little, until the conversation about his wife. See Michael could easily kill his wife's  abuser. But before he could think about laying a hand on him, He had to ask the boss Carmine. When he brought it up to him he said. 
"Boss, I know it's not affecting our business directly, but its affecting me, and my work. Ya know?"
 The Boss argued that any form of action would only result in unwanted attention on him, unwanted attention oh Michael was unwanted attention on him. And out of nowhere without a look, Carmines gave was on the hand of cards he was playing with guys. He says 
" What do you think kid?" 
Then looks up to the doorway, he looks coldly, and flatly directly into Lucky's eyes. Lucky startled didn't know what do to, took a few steps back, and backed up right into the Carmines main bodyguard Vito.
     Vito was a extra heavy set American man who was a confusing choice as a bodyguard. But the Vito didn't have to be young and slim to do his work. Vito had some of the fastest gun work Carmine has ever seen. Not only that, regardless of Vito's huge size. Vito was stealthy, he was quite. He could easily sneak up on unsuspecting victims. He had learned his skills in the military, serving 8 years as a Marine. Lucky's face was noticeably scared, stricken with disbelief. He thought he hadn't been seen at all, but the whole time he was watching them, they were watching him. Vito grabbed the boy and hauled him inside. As the came closer to the bar door, Lucky started kicking and screaming,
"let me go, let me go! " 
he tried grabbing the edge if the door, but Vito pull was too strong to resist. All the guys in the bar started laughing at the struggle. All the guys besides Carmine. Carmine not amused, with his authoritative voice yelled,
" HEY!!!!!, be careful with the kid, they break easier. Do what he says let him go".
 It calmed down, Vito lightened his grip, and Lucky ripped his shoulder out of his hands. Sitting in front of him was the baddest man he'd ever seen. 
    Carmine leaned back in his chair calming, set down his card and asked again
"So what do you think kid? should we help our friend here out?" 
Lucky gulped, and said
"If it was my choice I would help, he's your friend right?"
 Carmine nodded. Lucky responded 
"Then you should do what he ask, it's best to help your friends."
 Carmine was amused by the kids serious nature. He asked Lucky
 "And how many friends do you have?"
 Lucky stayed quiet, glaring at the floor, knowing he had no real friends. Carmine says
" I see, well kid you sure did get lucky, you just found the best friends you could have, you want to be our friend?"
 Lucky was nervous, but he wasn't afraid of getting hurt. He was still in a rage of what happened to his Mother and sister, and saw this as a opportunity for revenge against his father. Lucky nodded yes. 
"What's your name kid?" 
 "My name..... is Lucky." 
 Carmine grunted,
" huh, what are the odds? You must be Lucky kid. Lucky enough for Vito not to bust you up to bad for ease dropping on me.Which brings me to a question. What the hell are you doing out here at this hour anyway kid, with no supervision, wheres your parents?" 
Lucky stayed quite again. Carmine 
"Ok kid, you can stay with us now, if that's what you want"
Lucky told him He would stay with them, if they taught him how to be like them, strong, powerful, and fearless. Carmine and Vito took him in, and started to teach him the ropes. 

Chapter 3 : Reborn

    Time began to fly by, the more Lucky watched the more he learned. It helped him to forget where he came from, it helped him forget about the past, at least for now. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. After a few months, Carmine put lucky to work. All he had to do was pick up drops, There was no real danger involved, due to there wasn't a person to person transaction. The products and money where left in  a organized place for drop offs and pick ups. They never picked up the money unless they needed it. Which was convenient, if they ever got busted, they would have cash stashed away throughout the city. Lucky did drops and pick ups. Carmine didn't want to get damage him too much, Carmine felt like a father figure to Lucky. But Lucky never once gave that mutual feeling. Lucky felt like a outsider, to the outsiders. He didn't speak much, listened, learned and did his job, and went about his own. 
    A few months after lucky showed up at the bar, Carmine read about a family murdered in their home and a missing child, the article went on to report the child that was missing, was Lucky, and his father was responsible for his Mother, and sisters death. Carmine didn't know what do with the new information. He was angered, and now understood why Lucky was who he was. That very night, he sent his men to look for Lucky's father. 
    More time passed, another few months, and suddenly it was a year, and Lucky was 13, getting ready to turn 14. Carmine set up a gather for Lucky, all of the fellas. He even bought a whole ring of prostitutes. They surprised Lucky, telling him to go to a new drop spot. Lucky suspicious, because they never added new spots was uneasy. When he got there, everyone jumped out in big surprise, and startled Lucky, thinking it was his time, that Carmine was having him executed. After seeing Carmine himself, he calmed a little in confusion and asked "What the hell's going on Carmine?"  Carmine dressed to the 9's with girls in both arms walked up to Lucky, and embraced Lucky,
 "Hey kid, congratulations, your becoming a man, Today is officially a year since we met, and brought you into the family, Today is your new Birthday kid. We got you a few things kid, to let you know how much we appreciate your service with us. The first gifts from all of us, we all chipped in kid, All of these women, they are all here for you, they're all yours tonight." Carmine sent him up to a private room, set up with music, lights, booze. Lucky, like any 13 year old boy, indulged. He had the time of his life. He couldn't believe he had been so.......lucky.
     As he was engaged in the women, his mind got to him, and he bluntly stopped them all. Screaming he made them all leave, and started destroying everything he could get his hands on. Women were touchy for Lucky, after his mom and sister, it was hard to use them the way he was, but it was easy to get away from himself living the life he was. The girls fled downstairs, and Carmine hearing the crashing sounds of Lucky's destruction rushed upstairs, "Kid! What the hell are you doing? What the fucks wrong with you Lucky?"
 But Carmine knew exactly what was wrong. He settled Lucky down into a chair. 
"Kid, I got one more gift for you, I think your going to like it." 
He brought him down the stairs, and to a door that led into the basement. As the door opened , he could hear the groaning of a adult man, as they walked the stairs and the sound grew closer, Lucky started to get hungry, hungry for blood. When they reached another door, Carmine leaned toward Lucky.
"Ok Kid, this is it, the moment you become a real man, the guy on the other side of this door wronged your family, and we need you to take him out, you ready for this kid?" 
Carmine pulled out a handgun holding it out for Lucky to take. Lucky quiet as usual, instead of reaching for the gun, reach for the door handle, and slowly entered it with out looking into the room, as he was slowly closing the door, him and Carmine met eyes and Lucky nodded. 
    When Lucky turned around, the man before him in disbelief begged, 
"please, please don't kill me" 
The man was shocked he had been in the presence of a child. Lucky smiled,
"I'm not going to kill you" 
he pulled out a razor from his back pocket. The man yelled
 "Wait, no, what are you going to do with that?!?!"
 From outside Carmine was uneasy at the sounds coming from the room. Not knowing what Lucky was doing to him. The screams grew intensely painful. Then calmed rapidly. Lucky was covered in the mans blood, with a sadistic smile. The man had passed out from the pain.     Lucky done with his work walked toward the door. All the fellas were now outside the door, curious. Lucky opened the door, and the smell from the gore filled the room. All of the men in pure shock of what Lucky did, Lucky appeared out of the door with the mans face in his hands.
     Lucky had skinned the mans face, and took it with him. Carmine, grabbed the razor out his hands, and made him drop the mans face.
 "Lucky! what the fuck have you done" 
outraged Carmine screamed, 
"What did you do, why did you do this, you were suppose to kill him Lucky!"
 Lucky walked back into the room with a new personality, a smile on his face, with a whimsical flow, walked behind the chair hoisting the tortured man. Lucky pulled another razor from his pocket, and very slowly slit the mans throat in front of everyone. Carmine told Vito to take him home. After they left all of the men couldn't believe what they had seen. Michael was talking to Carmine, 
"Carmine, there's something wrong with that kid, he needs help, real help boss."
 Carmine had to find a way to control Lucky'hey put him in a office, cleaning documents, and organizing plans. Lucky's plans were always so genius and out of the box. He was becoming a mastermind. He started running the business better then Carmine himself, He became Carmines main organizer. And years started passing faster then before. 

Chapter 4 : Building Blocks & Turning Points

    Lucky was now 18, a legal adult, co running a organized family of criminals. Lucky became famous in the criminal world. Other would talk about him like he was a urban legend, or myth. But he was in fact real,raw and incredibly hard to read, or follow. Carmine was able to step back from handling so much work, and start living good in his later years. He wasn't getting any younger. So letting Lucky hold the torch was a easy decision.Lucky himself wasn't hurting anyone, though he did give the orders. And Carmine was happy. 
    Lucky was never into cards, and games, always more serious, less play more work. The guys would always try to get him involved in the fun to no avail. For Lucky's 18 birthday, they brought him to a Casino. Lucky was taken back, into his memories of his fathers old habits. He thought heavy about it walking through the doors. The light and sounds kept him on steady alert. Michael broke his mental train of thought 
" Hey kid, here ya go this is from the guys" 
and handed Lucky a stack of cash for the tables. As Lucky sat down at a Poker table, he had one last thought. He thought of the last thing his father said to him. 
"Don;t be like me Lucky......be worse" 
And his very first bet ever, he went all in. The guys around him ad spectators were struck with disbelief. Vito say's
"Lucky are ya crazy, your gonna loose $100,000 grand in seconds" 
With no emotions Lucky made his bet, with a cold unamused look in his eyes. Lucky won. he doubled his money, and kept going, all in, and never lost, it got to the point the Casino banned him, he left with over $625,000. All of the guys were ecstatic, 
"Guess you really are luck aren't ya kid." Michael uttered. 

    Months go by Lucky began to gamble, more and more, he learned all of the games, from slots to the tables. He had learned how to read people, how to predict machines. To a certain degree, it wasn't even about luck anymore at all. He had talent. 
    Then out of nowhere Lucky disappeared, the family started to worry and sent men to look for him. They found him back at the same table, in the same casino he won $625,000. With a crowd around him, and a girl at his side. She was betting against him, except the bets weren't abnormally large like the night before. They were actually small wagers. Vito concerned said
 "Lucky, you had us worried sick, where ya been? Carmine needs to see you, says hes got something hes been working on he wants to talk to you about." 
Lucky, replied
 "Vito, you tell Carmine if he wants to talk to me, to come find himself."
 Vito in now flustered say's
"Kid what the hell's wrong with you, you know I'm not going to tell  Carmine  that." 
Lucky swiftly responded
 "Either way you loose, the odds are stacked against you Vito. I'm Carmines main man, so it's your word versus mine, if I want you dead, you will die." 
Vito now pissed off 
"Who are you talking to like that kid, Who the hell do you think you are?" 
Lucky clever gaze came off the words
 "Lets just say, right now, I'm holding onto Lady Lucky, and your a bust." Vito responded
 "Kid have you gone fucking crazy? what happened to you? I remember the kid who wanted to hurt for the right reason, a loyal kid, now your sitting here being asshole to me,someone who's done nothing but help you, I don't get it kid you've changed"
 Lucky smiled 
"My loyalties to Carmine, nothings changed."

"I don't know what the fuck your talking about. Sarcastically he said: Your loyalty to Carmine"
"Vito if you ever touch me again, it will be the last time."
" I'm not touching you, I'm 5 feet away you fucking prick. The next time I touch you,will be the last time you talk back to your elders." 
Lucky glanced at him with the same sadistic smile he had when he cut the mans face off.
"Ok Lucky, I'll tell him I didn't find you, just relax kid, you don't have to be so serious all the time" Vito left. 

Chapter 5 : Break In The Chain

    Lucky looked over to his right where his female opponent sat, passing the night away with him, she was gone. It had been the first genuine nice time had with a women since before his family was murdered. A part of him felt like it left when she did, he cashed out. Though he had lost nothing, he felt he was leaving, empty handed. 
    He walked outside to the cold wet alley to smoke a cigarette. He pulled one out of the pack and put it in his lips. From a short distance someone had gone unnoticed unusually in Lucky's periphials and said 
" hey stranger, you need a light?" 
a soft, gentle face light up in the alley street lights. She took a step forward, with a lighter lit, etending to light his cigarette, it was her, the girl he had spent most of the night with, though they hadn'y much conversation though the night.
 "What's your name stranger?"
 she said, he told her 
"I'm Lucky"
"Well that's obvious she replied"
 Lucky looked at her, she was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, the soft voice the seemed to almost whisper. 
"My name is Lucky, whats yours? 
She looked at him, with a accepting look,
 "I'm Lucy". Lucky smiled. 
"It's a pleasure to meet you Lucy". 
"Likewise, Lucky" 
Lucy took a hit of her own cigarette and smirked, She had thought Lucky was handsome, and powerful looking. He seemed so distant from any other guy she'd ever met, Her mind was filled with curiosity. 
"Lucky, you want to maybe, come up to my room, have some coffee or something?"  
Lucky surprised and nervous responded 
 " I should probably go, I've got people looking for me, it's best we don't, I'm not the guy..... I'm not a guy you want to get to know. Thank you Lucy" 
    Lucky went home, not to the family home, but the house he had bought for himeself with some of his earnings from the boss. He packed up everything he needed, and left to go out of Atlantic City for a while. He rented a cheap motel 100 miles away from the city. He needed time away from everything. Lucky was heartbroken. 
    He had fallen in love with Lucy. He constatnly ask's himself why didn't i say yes. Why didn't I say yes and go have coffee with her? In the motel, he would have time alone he never had before, a solitary alone. He needed time to think, to plan, to learn how to live and fight for himself. His hunger for power started to consume him. 
    A year goes by, still no Lucky to be found. Carmine, Vito & Michael gathered at Carmines to pay their respect.Carmine was pretty upset, he thought htat Lucky could have gotten killed by another family. Carmine was in his living room, drinking a bottle of wine Lucky had brought him from his travels, saved for a special occasion. MIchael was there to keep Carmine, and Vito comfort. VIto knew Lucky was ok, he just needed time. He didn't think it would take so long. To be honest, Vito started to worry himself. 
Michael broke the sad tension
"He's alright, he'll be back one day boss,"
"I hope so, he was like a son to me. All this depression makes me hungry, lets eat."
"I don't know if I'm hungry boss."
"We all know your hungry VIto, eat some damn food. hahaha."
    They all shared a laugh. and the night came to a end.
     Years later.
    Lucky. 23. White, American. Gambler, Drinker. Always seem's to have ace up his sleeve. Always dresses in fine, beaten up suits. Grew up outside of Atlantic City. Came back to the city, staying in and out of hotels, surviving off his gambling money, which he had a lot of. He was staying in the finest hotel in the city. On the outside, he was charismatic, on the inside he was dead, he was cold and weathered. Ready to go back to the family. The last night he spent in the hotel, he cried, for the first time since his family died. He couldn't get Lucy out of his mind. He had looked for her, but never seen her. He shows up the same day every week, at the same time, in the same casino they met. 
    Where his gambling gotten out of control in a good way. BUt she never shows. She's become a ghost. She was the only warmth he'd ever felt. His heart was left with a void. He started raoming the city as if he wouldn't ever find her. He lost hope. Wreckless abandoned. Now was a chance to test the powers the be. It was time to see Carmine, so he went to the family house. 

Chapter 6 : Stuck On The Inside

    "Where the hell you been kid?" 
Carmine shouting as he seen him walk through the door. 
"I've been looking everywhere for you" 
Lucky with a sarcastic look and tone looked back at Carmine as he was walking by 
"You mean everyone else was looking for me, not you, that's not how you work Carmine, trust me I know best"
" Kid, whats wrong with you, your starting to get out of line, I don't like it, You need to treat us with respect kid, were your family."
 Lucky gave a mean look,
 "Your not my family, Your my caretakers, which isn't really the case anymore, if anything, its the other way around, Don't you ever fucking say your my family again"
"Kid, you think what you want, I know I'm your family. 
Lucky's mood noticeably gotten worse.
Carmine said
 "I got something for you kid. I thin it's time we let you start taking out that anger again."
 Lucky "What do you know about my anger?" 
 " I know a lot more then you think kid. Get in your car and follow me .
     Carmine led him to the same building he celebrated his 13th birthday, right back to the door of the room he had butchered that man. Except this time the was no groaning, it was silent. No one besides those 2 were there. Approaching the door thought the dim light hallway, with peeling wall paper.
     Carmine stopped, turned to Lucky and handed him a razor. Lucky's eyes grew at the sight of the shiny blade, his mouth watered, and palms started to sweat. Lucky took the knife and proceeded to the room. Before the reach reached the door, Carmine said, 
"Lucky, thank me later, we've had him for a while now, we wanted to get him ready for you, I hope you understand kid, this is out of love, you have a choice to make, no one's telling you to do anything, so I'm gonna leave you here now to do what you will. We've had him the past 2 years, we've put him though a lot, and he's just as stubborn as you kid. Good luck." 
Carmine walked back down the hallway and up the stairs and left the building. Carmine knew he didn't want to see what happened next. 

Chapter 7 : Revenge

    Lucky was curious of who this could be, maybe it was something who was trying to tear the operation apart from the inside out. Lucky had seen guys come and go through the years. None that he didn't already give the order to kill. He didn't know what to think, so with out hesitating anymore, he turned the knob, and pushed open the door. There was man, dressed in older, beaten up bloody. Zip tied to a strong wooden chair. The chair was turned around with the mans back facing Lucky. 
    Lucky started to walk in the room, and around the chair. As he was approaching, he noticed the man had spikes in his feet, and though he was zip tied, his hands were nailed into the chair. The nails had flesh healed over them, you could see he' d been there a long time. And his mouth gagged. Lucky made it almost all the way around t the mans face, then he realized. The man nailed into the chair was his father. 
    His fathers eyes met Lucky's and a pure disbelief struck them both. Lucky almost fell to his knees, he was so mad at his father , he had wonder what ever happened to him and if he was even still around, because he hadn't gotten caught. Lucky reach toward his fathers gag, his father shrieked, scared like he had seen a ghost. Lucky removed the gag. And the man stared at each other in silence.  Lucky dropped the razor, he was so conflicted, he had no orders and the decision was his to make. If he wasn't going crazy before, he surely was now. He never once though he would actually see his father again.
his father barley mumbled. Lucky glared
"Why? why what?" 
 his father weakly responded
"Why am I still alive? It's your turn Luck. My lucks run out...... I'm not going to apologize. Your not who I'm sorry for, I'm sorry for you r mother, and your sister. They didn't deserve what they got, and I think about them every second of everyday, wondering what would life be like if I didn't..."
 "Didn't what? Didn't murder them in cold blood out of your own selfish fucking anger!!!"     Lucky hauled off and hit his father square in the teeth, loosening the whole top row, & knocking his father over in the chair. His father grunted and moaning , spitting out blood thickened saliva. 
"That a  boy, let it out." 
Lucky started to have a melt down, trapped more inside of his head then in the room with his father. He started talking to himself. His father started getting scared of his insane behavior, he had experienced it before himself. He knew where this was going, at least he thought he did. Lucky 
"You thought about them everyday?" 
 His father replied
 "What..... oh. Yea, I'm thinking about them right now."
 Lucky's father started crying. Lucky had never once seen his father cry, let alone in any sort of weakness. He himself teared up, though he was still more in his own mind then in that room, Lucky was dramatically drawn to the tears on his fathers face. Lucky hadn't emotionally dealt with the murders. Not other then the last time he was in that same room with a different victim. But he wasn't in that room with a victim this time. It was his father. The last real family Lucky had. 
Lucky looked down at his father
"You thought about them everyday?"
in a desperate sad voice. 
"Yes, yes Everyday!"
     Lucky started to hysterical laugh. 
"Why are you laughing, stop laughing Lucky! right now! whats so funny?!?!"
Lucky's face grew crazy, he crouched down next to his father,still laying on his side in the chair he was Physically attached to. He got face to face with him, with a cold serious stare into his eyes.
" You thought of them every.....day.........But you never thought about me.
 "His fathers face was shocked, and scared. 
    Lucky burst back out into laughter.
 "So lets have some quality father-son bonding time....Dad"
 With a sadistic smile on his face. Lucky's dad pleaded
 "Lucky, Im so sorry for what I did, And I did think of you Lucky. I wondered where you had been, if you were okay, I missed you Lucky" 
"SHUT UP!" Lucky screamed crying and laughing at the same time in a hysterical manor. Lucky walked to the corner and kept screaming
 His father didn't know if he was talking to him, or himself. 
    Lucky turned his head rapidly towards his father, and smiled. Smoothly turning around and walking with some soul in his step, he picked up the razor. 
"Lucky don't, come on Lucky, please don't do this. I'm already hurt" Lucky said 
"I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not going to hurt you at all......I'm going to help you."  Bursting out in laughter again.
"I'm going to help you, help me." 
Lucky started carving the skin around his fathers nails. He father screamed in agony. Lucky laughing the whole time, 
"Why are you screaming dad? I'm helping you."
 "Lucky just leave me, please, let me die, or kill me, I can't do this" 
Lucky smiled faded,and he angrily screamed.
 "You don't have a choice!!! You are my puppet, You will do as I say, YOU WILL RESPECT ME!!!"     His father had been broken
 "Ok lucky, I'll do whatever you want" Lucky smiled, 
"I know you will". He pulled his father from the chair he had been attached to for months. His father couldn't walk, he had no strength. Lucky carried his father out of the room, and up the stairs. He lay'd his father on the floor, looking crazier then ever, breathing heavy filled with adrenaline, he went at hyper speed in his mind racing through thoughts. Lucky paced back and forth for a while talking to himself. His dad stayed silent out of fear of his crazed sons anger, and outrage. Lucky could see passer by's through the windows, but it was too dark for them to see inside. 
    Lucky fixed himself a seat looking out of a window. His adrenaline fading, he pulled out a cigarette from his pack, and put it in his lips. He's memories of Lucy begun to reminisce though his conscious. He could smell her perfume in the air, and feel her company around. Lucky turned and looked towards his father lighting his cigarette. In his mind, he was thinking, His father is the whole reason he is who he is, and mainly why he cant be with Lucy. Because of the actions of his father, Lucky had been thrown into a world of the underground, and was no too important to criminals to risk someone he cared about, and it was all his fathers fault. 
    He had just realized something, something he hadn't even thought of because of the intense emotional connection to finding his dad in nailed into a chair. Carmine knew his secret. Carmine knew everything. He wondered if Carmine had known of Lucy and he began to laugh crazy again. Lucky gave his father some heavy pain drugs, which knocked his father out. When His father came to, There were metal cables tied through the holes in his hands and feet.  He was laying on a table all stretched out, bound again. Lucky walked in the room  "Your awake, good we'll get started" 
"Lucky, you said you wouldn't hurt me, you said you were going to help me help you. His laugh cut the daunting air.
"HahahaHaHa...ha ha ha. I'am helping you help me, I'm no liar like you father, a man who acted so tough was so weak, hahaHAHAHahAHhahAH. I'm not going to hurt you dad, I'm going to kill you."
 His father looked around and noticed the metal cables were attached to several car batteries, and Lucky was holding the last connection cables.
 "There's enough power here to fry you dead in seconds. I'm not going to to do that to you, you wouldn't deserve it, I'm going to set it at the lowest fatal voltage possible to keep your alive as long as possible. So you can feel my pain, my pain of being alive, its.......electrifying HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
     His dad began to breath heavily and panic.
"Your all in dad, and your gambling's about to pay off, and your about to cash out. The your shaking the dice in your hands, your about to bet our rent to your life, do you feel lucky?" Lucky connected the better, jolting his fathers body up and down on the table, his father paralyzed in electric shock was defenseless. 
 "HAHAahHahah HAha hA hAhA" 
    The steady volts pumped through his fathers flesh, burning him on the insides and outs. Lucky disconnected him, he body was seizing, Lucky walked over to his dad, on the way picking up a can of gasoline, and dousing his fathers body as he was still alive, he got close to his fathers face again, His father blinded from the burst vesells in his eyes, couldn't see him, but could barley hear him....Lucky Said.
"I am death".
     Lucky pulled out a deck of playing cards from his packet, pulled out a card, the ace of spades, lit it on fire, and set his father to flames. Lucky had no more laughter, no more joy, just cold. He left the warehouse.  Lucky knew it didn't fix things killing his dad, its only made them relevant again. The last time he dealt with this, he ran, & found himself in Carmines bar.  This time he found himself back at the farm he grew up on. 

Chapter 8 : Home Sweet Home

    He found himself standing outside the house his Mother and sister were gunned down. His fathers blood now covered him. He walked in the house. Looking around, he found a bottle of whiskey. He went up to his sisters room, grabbed her teddy bear, and proceeded to his mother and fathers room. He missed his mom dressing up.She loved to for parties. He opened to closet, and took a few of her things out, he was laying her dresses on the bed when a spineless book fell out of one of her handbags attached to a dress. 
    It was his mothers diary. He cracked open the bottle, lit and cigarette, and read his moms last thoughts she got to write down. Pacing back and forth walking through the housing, he was taking drink after drink, smoke after smoke, page after page. finally sat in his old room, on his old bed reading, then everything faded. He awoke the next afternoon. with a damn near empty bottle, no cigarettes, and a closed booked. He stood up aching, and took the last swig out of the bottle. 

Chapter 9 : New Day

    Opening the front door the sunlight was over bearing. The skies were clear, and the air was clean and fresh. The sun was just over the hills, casting a strong glow over the farm. Lucky turned to look at the house one last time before closing the door. It was the first time Lucky knew he had a real chance. He knew things needed to change, all he wanted was change. He never accepted the life hi lived, he just lived it.
        Lucky knew exactly what he wanted to do. He spent so much time in his head, he planned everything out already. Ever since he met Lucy, He begun to think about how different he life could be. He started to make plans for how he could prepare his new life. Lucky had plenty of money. But more then enough enemies who wanted to take that away. Along with his reputation.
        Lucky had friends, but certainly made burned a few bridges along the way. In order to actually leave the life he lives behind, he knew he had to clean up a few loose ends first. He had a list of names that needed crossed off. And he was more then prepared to started drawing lines. And he had to before he could even think about making "other friends" or looking for any romantic prospects.
        Lucky never liked his name, he always felt it was too over the top. Lucky just wanted to be normal, and fit it. His name itself made Lucky stand out from the rest of the crowd. But now Lucky had enough with the spotlight, and the over top top lifestyle he's lived. It was time to put a end to the pain, to the outside identity that was surely all a lie. On the inside Lucky truly was a mad man. He was damaged at a young age.
        Instinctually Lucky became mentally, emotionally, and socially self reliant. Growing up in his young adult hood he had no real need for human interactions, other then to get money. To have something to occupy his mind with, when he couldn't flush out the past.
        Finally Lucky takes his first few steps off the porch of his old home. He feels liberated, he feels a true rebirth. But there's still a long road, a uneasy one. Lucky still in his head, feels impatient. He wishes he didn't have to carry out a ruthless plot to turn the hands of power.
          Though Lucky was determined to change. He knew a part of him thrived in the underworld of organized criminal activity. His hearted wanted the change, but his greed to be the one finally in charge was beginning to burst, the further in his mind he went.
          Lucky stayed to himself a few weeks, battling his wants and options. He needed time to prepare his mind, to make sure it was exact. He had no one to confide in, only himself. He had to go over the plan enough times to be sure. Though he made it this far, Lucky himself knew that eventually, his luck would run out to like everyone else's.

Chapter 10 : Key's To The Kingdom

    After a few weeks Lucky's finally ready to execute the plan. Lucky went to the family house to set a few plays in motion. He knew the family was held together strictly by loyalty, and he would use that loyalty to tear them apart.
          Entering the house, the first person he saw was Michael. Michael was staring out the window, he looked upset. Lucky walked right by him, and into the main office.
       Carmine sat comfortably behind the main desk made of expensive oak. Carmine himself also seemed to be in a state of irritation. Vito was snoring at the other desk, miniature in comparison.Carmine sat up
"Hey how ya doing? Seems like your never around these days. Everyone's been seeing less and less of ya. What you been up to kid? Anything you want to talk about?"
Vito broke out of his sleep to Carmine's powerful voice.
"Hey ya, kid, how the hell ya doing? Staying out of trouble?"
"Yea Vito, I'm staying out if trouble. Just trying to find myself ya know? Vito you mind give me and the boss a minute to talk a few things over?"
"Not at all kid." When Vito was passing Lucky walking out if the room he leaned in to him and said.
"Careful kid, he's not been too happy lately, especially after arguing with the crew"
"Thanks,Vito" Vito smiled anytime
"Anytime kid, just don't piss him off anymore alright, I gotta live with him"
Carmine chimed in.
"Hey wise guy, get the hell outta here already huh?"
Vito starting closing the door.
"Sorry boss"
"Ok kid, what's all the fuss about? You need money, you in trouble kid?"
"No boss, nothing like that. I know your not in the best of mood right now, and I hate to be the barer of bad new's.
Carmine interrupted.
"Then don't kid, what's wrong with you. Everyone of my guys is pissing me off today."
"Well boss, its not about me perse'. It's about Vito. "
"Vito? What?! Oh no kid, you got it all wrong if you think Vito got anything worth you excusing him from the room to talk to me about."
"NO KID, Fuck that, He's not just a family member, he's my best fucking friend. He wouldn't do a thing to me kid.
Carmine stood up and shouted loudly.
"AYE VITO!!, get your ass in here! the kids got something he want's to say about you.
    Vito walks right into the room, as if he was listening from right outside the door. Maybe even with his ear right against it. He closes the door quietly. He shoots the kid a weary glare as he walks back over to his desk. Carmine had a distinctly ugly grin on his face. Lucky felt slightly uneasy. He thought Carmine would hear him out with a more open view. However he had back up plans for everything. There wasn't going to be any soiling his plan. He was more serious then ever with fire in his eyes. As Vito stared him down, he stared back twice as hard at Vito. 
"Okay Kid, so let's hear it, what do you have to say now. Say it to da both of us. Were all family, so talk Lucky." 
    Carmine had been fed up all day, he was starting to crash from all the yelling screaming, and eating his fine Italian food all day long. But Vito was obviously trying not to look suspicious. Lucky walked over to Carmines desk, and took a seat on the chair opposing Carmines. Carmine sat back down. 
"You know, it's bullshit Carmine, after everything you don't show me the same respect you would show him. I've made you more money then anybody else has in the crew. I've gave you my life, my loyalty."
"Enough with the dramatics kid, start talking, or get the fuck out." Carmine interjected.
"Ok, This whole time you haven't known where I've been, guess who has known. The whole time you had people out on the streets looking for me. Vito saw me, soon after I left. At the Casino. I took this video on my phone."
    Lucky hooks his phone up to Carmines Computer. loading the file, Vito has a look of delusion. He was prepared to tell the boss, that he didn't tell him, because he knew Lucky would come back and tell him, himself. That it wasn't to dishonor him in anyway, but to make the bond between him and Lucky stronger, the space would be good for Lucky to feel free. 
"Ok it's ready" Lucky say's before clicking the file. 
"Video plays: Vito's next the Lucky at the tables, when the video starts. The cameras right on Vito's face, and he said "Im not going to tell that to Carmine that. It flawlessly cuts to other parts of the conversation. Including one on its own of him saying Carmine's Loyalty in a sarcastic way."
    It truly made the air in the room stale, Vito sat with a ultra frightened look on his face. Hands close to his sides, close to his guns. Carmine was in dismay, complete disbelief. Stricken with sadness, his best friend talking so ill of him. Vito stood up, still with his hand's at his side. 
"Now boss, listen you have to hear me out on this, this was set up. I swear to god this is not how it seems. Turning towards Lucky:What the fuck did you do kid, this isn't cool. Your gonna be in BIG TROUBLE for this one kid."
    Carmine coming out of the shock and into the anger stage. Looked readily with a evil look in his eye's that neither Vito, or Lucky had ever seen. 
"Lucky, get the fuck outta here." Carmine said in a low calm, and evil voice. 
Vitto started to panic 
"Carmine what the fuck, how long we known each other, you know that's not me, don't make this happen man, Come on, I love you Carmine, you are brother to me."
    Lucky walked to the door, and closed it behind him. He walked away slowly, assuming that Vito would reappear, coming out of the door to shoot him next. He figured Vito was probably faster then Carmine,and that Carmine was slow from having everyone else do his dirty work for him. Walking out into the other room, he noticed Michael was gone. Lucky heard shouting from both of them, things were getting more heated the more steps he took. It was only them in the house, the other members were already out on other runs for the day, and the maid and butlers have went home. 
    Lucky knew there would be a shot fired, but to his surprise there was 2. When no one came out of the room and the house was quiet for a few minutes, Lucky grew curious and cautiously opened the door to the office. Inside Both Vito & Carmine lay'd dead. It appeared that, Carmine actually shot Vito, & then himself, as to why Vito's gun wasn't even drawn. It must have been Lucky's lucky day. Now He wouldn't have to kill who have emerged the victor from the 2. 
    With them out of the way, he knew that outside families would try to infiltrate his families operation. Which now, with Carmine out of the way, It was his operation. He knew the rest of the family would look up to him, take him on as a leader. The only one he was unsure of was Michael. But with luck, his fight with the boss was enough to win him over. Since the boss was dead anyway. At the end of the day, everyone still needed payed, and Lucky knew the operation best.
    After  a few more steps he could actually do this, start over so to say. Lucky now needed to talk to all the family members he planned on keeping in his pocket. He figured he'd start with the one he thought would be hardest to convince, Michael. 

Chapter 11 : What Luck?

    Lucky was had a urge to go gambling, had a urge to see if she was there again. But he wanted to finish his work before he seen her again. He thought the chances of running into were slim so he went to the casino. The casino itself was lit up in the night time skyline, glowing with ambiance. He fixated on the sight of it a while, before walking in. Entering the casino, it seemed more alive then ever, there was a energy in the building, something in the air. 
    Lucky walked through the casino with ease. He actually grabbed a seat at a slot machine. He was making $100 bets on the machine, and when it seemed his luck was surely running out, at least on the machine. Michael sat down a few machines away from him. He looked over and saw Lucky first.
"Yo Luck?"
Lucky looked over, stunned.
"Ha what luck huh? , Hey how'd it go with the boss was he still pretty mad when you left?" Michael asked.
"Yea Mike, He was furious. Him and Vito got into to a argument, Carmine told me to leave, so I did." 
Michael looked slightly confused 
"And you decided you would come to the casino? You didn't stick around to make sure everything was ok? I'll tell you right now, I don't trust Vito. He's got something going on, on the side. I'm not sure exactly, but he's working for someone else. That I can prove, but not with who, or why. "
Lucky slightly confused himself.
"Why would he be doing something on the side, and how, they've known each other for so long.? How would he be able to get away with that?"
Michael rolled his eyes and grinned,
"Because Carmine trust Vito's fat-ass too much. I better go back over there and check in. You want to come with me?"
Lucky knew what would happened if he said no and Michael found there bodies. So Lucky said. Yes. 
    On their way out of the casino, he smells her perfume. She's close. He's intoxicated with the smell, with the thought of her, it had been too long. He had searched so far, had hurt so much. Turning his head he helplessly scanned around the casino. But he didn't see her. Until he looked down to find her sitting in the very machine he was standing next to. Had it been luck? had it been fate? Lucky was over joyed. She looked up at him, and pause.
".........Lucky? Lucky!!!! Oh my god, I never thought I would see you again.
She gave him a big hug. She noticed Michael paying attention.
"Do you know him Lucky?"
"Uh, Yea. He pause, I have to leave right now, but I will be back. How can I find you?"
    She pulled out her purse and wrote her number, and address on a piece of paper for him. Ecstatic , Lucky kissed her hand, and told her he would be back very soon. That he was going to change a few things in his life, making himself a man worth getting to know. 
    Lucky left, yet again. He felt the luckiest he had ever felt.   But it was time to go back to the plan, and make himself that man. Lucky and Mike showed up to the family house, and found the obvious corpses. Michael freaked out, he was angry, and confused why such good friend who kill each other. 
"Michael, we need to keep business going, that's what Carmine would want. I Know how to run the business, Carmine taught since I was a child, I can do this. Will you stay with me Michael?"
"Yea man." Michael was clearly emotionally sick. He missed Carmine already. Carmine helped raise Michael to. 
"I'll help you, it's what Carmine would have wanted, before the other families try to muzzle in. Let do some work"
    Together Luck & Michael recruited a few dozen guys to run operations. Word got out that Carmine was dead, and it had everyone thinking. Everyone knew there was something up for grabs, but it would start new wars to see who would be trying to take the operations first. Lucky had to finish his plan soon, and get the fuck out of Atlantic City. 

    Chapter 12 : Fight For Love

    Lucky started to talk to Lucy frequently. Things started off casual, hanging out watching movies. But they both knew what they wanted. It didn't take long before they started spending serious time together. Lucky was in love. He was finally happy, not so serious. But he was playing a risky game still running operations in Atlantic City. 
    He brought up to Michael that he'd like to step down, after he taught Michael how to run the business but MIchael didn't want to run it. Lucky had to find someone trust worthy to run his operations for him. His first choice was Michael, and though Michael initially said no, Lucky ordered him to when he realized he was the only one he could trust. 
    Lucky packed all of his and Lucy's belonging, and moved them far away. They moved to Iowa, in the green hills, secluded from most of town. It was more peaceful, it seemed realistic. Lucy was impressed by Lucky's ambition to change and to love. She had loved him from the swcond she met him at the table's. It wasn't long after the move, Lucy became pregnant. Lucky, & Lucy were having a child together.
    When Lucy told Lucky, Lucky panicked bad, It made Lucy thing he didn't want the child. But Lucky panicked because he knew, now he had to separate himself from the old family business %100. He had to disappear again. Lucy knew who Lucky was, she knew what had to be done. They moved further west, to Las Vegas. A place that at the time had a lot of legal jobs to offer. And a lot of Illegal jobs to offer, as well. 
        Lucky never told Michael he was leaving, He stopped keeping contact. Mike grew weary the guys wouldn't listen to him with out Lucky's word and went to Iowa to find me. When he arrived he notice from the outside, that everything was gone. Thee was no sign of Lucky. Michael asked around town to the folks he knew, that knew Lucky, and Lucy, They hadn't told anyone they were leaving. 
    Lucky knew Michael would be tracking him down, that he would go to Iowa, and find him gone, and would search as far as he could. Michael needed Lucky. With out Lucky Michael was in danger from the other families. Lucky had to change his name, as did Lucy. 
    They wanted to a new start at life with regards to their new family on the way. Lucky gave himself the alias Henry Smith, and Lucy now went by Lillian Smith. They met new people, formed new relationships. Lucky got a job at a casino running the day to day operations, legally of course, aside from the fact his identity was a fraud. But Lucky was smart enough to pull it off, he always had a trick up his sleeve.  Lucky didn't need the job, he had plently of cash still. But he wanted to work a real job, and keep up appearances.
    Everything was going exactly they way Lucky planned it. He was living his dream. All his pain of the past settled. He grew to be more loving, more open heated. The new friends he had, he treated with the same loyalty as his old family. Lucky, or Henry smith was a new man, with a new life.  6 months into pregnancy, Lucky and Lucy are getting very use to their new life's. It's not boring being away from the crime Lucky thinks. He thinks working and taking care of his wife is eventful enough. He's came very from the warehouse when he was 13, and at 18 with his dad. 
    Lucky started adding on to his new home, getting things ready for the baby. The were both so anxious and excited. Lucky really wants a boy, and Lucy wants a girl. Either way they'll both be happy. They spend most of their day talking about names, and what they want to do with their family in the future. They talk about other kids, and growing old together. 
    Lucky proposed to Lucky on her birthday. They got married that day. The wedding was small, it was basically a birthday party wedding. It was Lucy's dream. Her new husband had made her so proud to be his wife.  They post poned their honey moon, until after they would have the baby.
    2 month until the babies born. Lucky starts to feel insecure about the saftey of his family. At first he didn't want guns in the house with children, neither did Lucy. He decided he needed to for protection in case, and didn't tell Lucy.  Lucky put a fence up all the way around his yard. They got thick curtains for the windows. And painted "The Smith's" on the outside headstone. 

Chapter 13 : The Changing Tide

        Lucky felt like gambling, he hadn't gambled since Atlantic City. He wanted to see if his luck was running out. He told Lucy he was going out to check out the Casino, but went to a new casino that just opened. Lucky started small with the slots, to his surprised went fairly well. So he took off to the tables. Lucky was on fire, he was there for 14 hours. He managed to rack up a profit of $879,050.00. Lucky made the new's. He didn't know there were people standing by taking pictures and asking him questions, he was so into the game.
        That news was a national headline. Michael saw his picture in the paper and quickly read the article. He saw Lucky was going under the name Henry Smith. He was on his way to Las Vegas, Nevada.  For Lucky, this was bad news. Even if Michael just wanted to talk to Lucky, the other families now know he's in hiding.
          Las Vegas is a big city, hard to find someone without knowing exactly where they are. Even if your in the same building, the hotels are like maze's. Lucky had a feeling that his plan had finally met it's day. Lucky always had a trick up his sleeve, but this time he was the one being tricked.
          It would be hard for them to start all over again somewhere else, especially with the baby coming in a week. The only choices he had was to leave, again. Or he could stay and weather the storm. Lucky had grown tired of being on the run. He had gotten use to the easy life, but he had a unsettling urge for the tough life. Lucky was going to weather the storm.
          Lucky planned to tell the other families and his own he was out. He had a family on the way and it was time to grow up. He would explain that he didn't pick this life, it picked him. Or he rather stumbled into it. Either way, Lucky was ready to fight his case with the other bosses. He knew it wouldn't go the way he wanted, so he prepared for that to.

Chapter 14 : Running Out Of Luck

          4 days after Lucky's article was printed, Michael arrived in Las Vegas. Little did he know, he booked the same hotel a Lucky was staying in. Michael expected to be there a while, so he packed a lot. When Michael arrived at the hotel, he asked around about the man who won big a few days before. He didn't find out much, however he found all he needed. One of the casino workers confided that he was staying in the hotel in the penthouse.
          Michael was happy to find out so a huge clue so early. He found out what hotel they were staying in before finding his own room. Michael os a professional hit man so before going directly to Lucky, he stepped back to watch him. Michael was curious what Lucky would be up to, now that he knew people were on his trail, especially him.
          Vegas was full of costumes , of which Michael was smart enough to change his look. Lucky was pretty lucky after all, Michael didn't want to risk Lucky seeing him first. Due to the fact Lucky was smart enough to evade almost anyone if he had seen them first. So Michael stayed a safe distance in his facade at all times.
          He first saw Lucky leaving the hotel, in what seemed to be a mood of distress. It had been a while since he'd seen Lucky though he was only 24, almost 25. He had aged a good deal. He had settled down, you could see it in his face.
          Michael understood why Lucky took off the moment he seen Lucy. Lucy was clearly due to deliver a child. Michael was surprised she was so big, the girl was a pencil the last time he seen her. Michael knew now, this wouldn't be easy. He felt like he was backing a dog into a corner, and this dog would probably bite.
        Vegas was a easy place to get away with a lot of things. The mobsters & gangsters had ran the city. Lucky was caught. It would be a miracle if he made it out of this alive. He had no idea who his enemies were, or how many there were. But running wasn't a option. So he did the only thing he could do,....run. 
    Lucky was determined to make it to the west coast. He left Lucy. He believed no one would harm her. It was Lucky the wanted after all. In this game you don't just disappear, until your disappear for good. Lucky knew he wouldn't be exempt. He bought a cheap used car, and headed for the coast. He wanted to let time pass, get a new identity and come back for his family. He didn't know how, or when. But he had to leave them for their own good. 
    Lucky enough, Lucky wasn't seen by Michael leaving the hotel. Michael had gotten caught up on the slot machine's. Michael was on a roll, he doubled his money. Even though he only put in 5 dollars. To Michael that was still a win for him. Until that $10 he made turned into $35. He was enjoying himself. He grabbed a few drink's from the lady waitress. She walked around tending to all of the gamblers. But she had a way of making them all feel special. Michael had won himself a whole $50. And he knew exactly what he was going to do with it. Michael had seen a fancy looking restaurant in the casino by the back doors he came in. He figured it would be expensive but $50 should cover 1 person. He was right it came to $21.00, he left the rest as a tip. Michael wanted to feel extra classy. 
    Lucky couldn't get Lucy out of his mind.  And again..... he started talking to himself, or maybe her. 
" I can't lose you again!, I Can't lose her AGAIN!!!!"
laughing and crying back and fort.
"I won't lose you again."
He started to feel with the more distance between them, he was losing her faster and faster. 

He started thinking of all the bad things that could happen to her. 
"No, what have I done?, Why did I Leave her again"

Chapter 15 : Time Ticking

    He was so bothered by the thought of leaving them. He wasn't actually sure she would be okay. Maybe he was being selfish. Maybe he didn't even know, it was a self defense mechanism to run. Built in when his father murdered his family. But now Lucky could change that. He could go back. He could turn around right now...Too many thoughts for him to process. He had to pull over. Lucky felt so guilty, he was scared, for him, and his family. He didn't realize he had already drove 3 hours out. To him it seems like 20 minutes. He made up his mind for good. He's going back to face the music. He's going to offer himself to the one's who want him the most dead. 
    The payphone Lucky had pulled off next to had started to ring. It was odd because no one was around so it had to be for him. But who would know exactly where he was. Michael had put a tracking device in Lucky s coats when Lucky had left it on a Slots chair. Michael quickly passed and snuck it in before Lucky had come back for it.  
"LUCKY!!!!, Lucy screamed before she has gagged, and let of whimper. 
Michael's voice came onto the phone. 
"Sorry Lucky this is the way it has to be"
"Noooo, Michael, I will fucking kill you, Don't you fucking touch her.I'm on my way you can have me Michael leave her alone. 
The phone clicks
"Hello?.........HELLO???... God Damn it!
Lucky started speeding towards the city in his old beaten down car. He was filled with anger, and determination. He couldn't let Lucy, the only thing , that had ever made him happy, get hurt. He would never recover if something were to happen to Lucy, and his family. All these thoughts soared through Lucky's head. He got lost in a day dream. The family On Christmas opening presents. Taking his kids and wife trick or treating for Halloween. Carving pumpkins, coloring Easter eggs. Tears unknowingly fell down his face. He was lost in his mind, taking kids to school. Remarrying Lucy with the kids. Family vacations, college. He had lost his way on the road, and in his mind. Lucky made it back into the city. 
    He sped all the way to the hotel with out getting pulled over, or catching any light. He felt like he made great time.  To him it felt like another 20 minutes. But it was indeed 1 1/2 hours later. Lucky sprinted to the room. The door was closed. When he got inside it didn't look like a struggle had occurred. Lucy was gone. All of her things. Every single thing she owned, and all the stuff for the baby were gone. It seemed impossible, insane even. At first he thought he had the wrong room until he saw his belongings there.
    Lucky was so confused. There was one thing. Left behind was a note laying on the kitchen counter. 
        Lucky, I fell in love with you in one night, the night we met. Everything that night was, and felt so right.When you came back for me, you were a different person. You changed so much. I'm sorry Lucky, I didn't want this to get as far as it did. But it did. I have to leave Lucky. Who knows, maybe we'll find you again someday like you found me. I love you Lucky, I think. Good luck. <3 Lucky. "
    Lucky was in shock, he didn't know what to think. He was.... broken. He left the room fast, and headed strait for the bar. He had to go through the long hallways of the casino to reach the elevators. The elevators led to more hallways the past the parking garage, and then to the bar. Lucky was focused, tunnel vision for one thing only. Finally at the bar he fought his way into a spot along the crowded bar. It was a busy night in Vegas. Lucky bought himself a case of whiskey. And a shot while he waited. Lucky made the exchange and left promptly after. 
    The first step back into the less crowded long hallway was much easier now. Lucky already felt a little better with the 1 shot he had taken. Passing the parking garage doors he noticed something. Lucky's throw on in the middle of the parking lot. It was strikingly odd, it looked like Lucy's throw, she must have dropped it by accident he thought. He walked out the doors over the green cotton throw and took it with him. Back in his room he polished off 1 and a half bottles before passing out. Waking up the next morning he did the same except he finished 2 bottles. When he ran out he went back to the bar and bought another case. This became routine for Lucky. He hadn't even gambled, which was his favorite thing to do when he drank. 
    Lucky wasn't trying to feel better, he was trying to feel worse. He had spent weeks in and out of his room, back and forth to the bar, and a fancy restaurant by the back entrance of the casino. Lucky liked their menu a lot. Sometimes they would even bring it to his room. If he called ahead and sounded drunk, they were happy to deliver it to him. They didn't want him to alarm anybody. But he was paying too much money for his room to just kick him out. Lucky was stuck inside again. On the planet, in the the country, in the state, Inside the city, on the strip, in a hotel, in his room, in his mind. He was gone, lost to his guilt. He blamed himself. not only for Lucy, But for Maggy, Marie, even Dale. He blamed himself for it all.
    Lucky was giving up. 

Chapter 16 :  Un-Lucky

    To avoid much contact Lucky had the cases of whiskey delivered to his door. He had ordered 12 cases at a time and would order once or twice a month. He didn't order much food any more, on occasion when he did it wasn't much that he ordered. The waitress would deliver it to him always put some extra fries, and bread on his plate. She though it would be good with all the drinking. But every time the plates were picked up, the extra food would always be left over. Lucky always tipped good, but he had been tipping extra good lately. $2000 tips. The waitress Tiffany wouldn't take more then $50 she would slide the rest under the door. Eventually he stopped tipping at all.He stopped drinking. He ordered fresh fruit juice, and food a few times a week,still to be left at the door. Tiffany was mad he stopped tipping so started having another waitress Mandy take his food instead. To her surprise Mandy came back with a $2000 tips her first time serving him. 
    Lucky had mainly sat in his room on the bed thinking, sometimes looking out the windows and remembering. He had forgotten his basic human nature. He had lost his want to be. He grew a beard, stopped showering or do much of anything all together. Beside the things he absolute had to. Michael hadn't seen much of him, or heard much. Muchael figured Lucky would eventually kill himself in that room. He had been there months now, close to a year. Michael went back to Atlantic City. He took over the operations with helping hands from other families that owed him favors. Lucky was basically free. As Far as anyone was concerned he was broken, and revenge was had. 

    Lucky would talk to himself very differnt then usual. Laughing back and forth comfortably. When he drank he would get angry and fight with himself. Mandy heard him arguing one day by himself. She was sure she was dead quiet bring his food to the door. As soon as she sat it down the room got quiet.And Lucky screamed violently.


Mandy was scared, she didn't know if he had somone in the room, or if he was talking to her. She panicked and ran back the the restruant. Lucky came out of his room, down to the restruant, and caused a huge scene.


Lucky had never met the waitress personally but he called her by name. 


Mandy frieghtened showed herself


Lucky walked over to her with a sadistic smile, put his arm around her shoulders looking her in the eyes and said.

"The next time you come to my room, let it be known your there. DONT EVER TRY TO SNEAK UP ON ME AGAIN!!!"

Mandy could barley breath she was so scared. She said.

"I'm sorry"

Mandy qiuckly ran off. 

Lucky looked around at all the customers staring at his, they had stopped eating their meals. 


He yelled turning a glare through out the room.before calmly stating.

"I want to speak to the owner"

    A waiter who was passing by before the scene told him the owner is never in the store. 

"I WANT TO SEE YOUR OWNER!!! Do you want to see your owner boy?"

    The waiter scaredly responded 

"I don't understand what you mean."

Lucky replied 

"Your may not be able to bring me your owner ( He evily laughed ) hahahahaha, But if you can bring me a mirror, I will show you your maker "

    Finally security had arrived. The knew who Lucky was, Lucky use to help them out back in the old days. They asked him politely to go back to his room.

"YOUR IN MY HOUSE!" Lucky scaremed into the faces of security. 

    One of the gaurds tried to reason with him

"Hey come on Lucky, you don't have to be such a jerk, just go back to your room."

Lucky smiled. 

"Thank you sir, I'll be on my way."

Lucky walked back to his room was a smile on his face. On the way back he even greeted a few people in the hallways, which had kind of freaked them out. Closing the door to his room, finally home, and dropped to his knee's with a distant look in his eyes. Lucky woke up the next morning still in front of the door. Lucky had blacked out for the entire scene. 
    Lucky started getting really, really sick. He started staying in bed for days at a time. drinking water from his sink. He was ready to die. He didn't want to fight on with out Lucy. He hadn't touched her throw since he brought it inside with him the night she left. He saw it folded over a chair. he grabbed it, and embraced it. He could smell her. He held it up to his  face. Then a small res spot struck his eye. It was blood. There were a few more specs of it. Lucky must have been tricked into thinking she left him. He instantly had a little bit of hope left.But now he was to sick to do immediate anything. He had to eat, rest, and plan. He didn't know if she was still alive. Alive or dead, his revenge would soon be coming his way. 

Chapter 17 : The Hunt

    Lucky headed back to Atlantic City, well outside the city at his famies old farm. He didn't want to be seen in the city. Lucky had to find Michael, he knew Michael would know exactly what happened to Lucy. And Lucky wanted a fucking answer. He checked in all of Michael's old spots but things in Atlantic City were a little different from when he left. He had a hard time finding his way around.
    He hasn't seen Michael anywhere. Lucky's starting to get discouraged. Everything use to be easier when hr was in Atlantic City before. Now he's on his own again, In Atlantic City. Lucky even checked the warehouse, he figure if she was alive she'd be there. But there was no sign og Michael or Lucy. Lucky was down and out on luck. He went back to the farm, and drank more. He hadn't much plan for his life anymore. Lucky was so mentally bruised, he couldn't ever recover. 
    Lucky started to think about suicide. He hasn't nothing else to think about. He drove himself mad all day, with thoughts of the past. Lucky became insane, and bored. It was a dangerous combination. Something was building up in Lucky. Something that would eventually burst. He's been broke so badly, fixing him wasn't a option to him. It was only trying to stay alive. It was pur luck that he was still alive.

    The reason Lucky coudn't find Michael, was because Michael had  relocated to another part of the city. A new warehouse, a new crew. Michael had reinvented the business. He was done being a hit man, for now. Michael was perfectly happy giving orders, and letting the money basically make itself. Lucky had bought himself a nice 12 bedroom house,on the shores of Atlantic City. 

    In the old business, everything was run from inside of the city. Michael sought no need for being in the city when most of his workings were around the city. Michael had branched out, expanded the business. All the while Michael had been spending a lot of time away from the action. It was like he had something going on the side. Michael had only show up to the offices twice a week for a few hours at a time. 

    Michael had a new young crew, built from the street of Atlantic City. There were plenty of young adults looking to break free and liberate their agression. So Michael capitolized on that need for agression. He still had some members of the old crew around, who were now the higher ups. You didn't see much of these guys on the account , they were always watching you. 

    Lucky was stuck at a cross roads. He didn't really want to go around town asking people questions. Lucky himself was still in danger to the other families. The only thing he could do was wait and watch, but he had nothing to watch. He had no clue where to find Michael. Lucky went back to his families farm to give up. He stopped looking. He hadn't much care about anything anymore.  He walked out in the open around town, he didn't care if the other families knew he was back. Lucky was going to live to die if thats what it meant to be free. He was out of hiding.

Chapter 18 : Reveal Yourself

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